I have some exciting news to share. After 8 years of being away I will be re-joining the team at the San Jose Museum of Art in a role I previously held and helped create over 10 years ago – Manager of Interactive Technology. I’m still surprised and very excited! This opportunity came out of no where!

A few months ago the Knight Foundation awarded the San Jose Museum of Art, along with several other museums, a grant “to hire technology talent, to expand audience engagement” – Art museums across the country to hire technology talent, expand audience engagement efforts with nearly $1 million from Knight Foundation.  From my understanding, the grant was awarded based on the work we had done when I held the position before. It was an exciting time back then with the emergence of YouTube, Podcasting, and the launch of the the iPhone/iPod Touch, all which we were at the forefront of.

There are some new things that I would really like to explore in my role there. I’ve always been fascinated by e-ink technology and I would really like to see if it could be used to create interactive wall labels in a beautiful way. Also, there have been a lot of museums working on digital publications, which I hope to contribute to as well. I think that the web is still a place that has more potential for rich, interactive experiences around museum collections, as well as programs. And of course I want to continue adding to the digital library of content that we started back then and SJMA has been continuing to add to over the years.

My decision to go back to SJMA was not an easy one. In fact, I considered it for weeks from the time contact was made to the time I accepted. The fact of the matter was that I liked Gallery Systems – quite a bit. The company is on an amazing trajectory with it’s new web applications and there are incredibly talented people there. If you are considering a new collections management system for your organization, I would highly recommend them.

I have never felt as comfortable in a position as I did in the role of Manager of Interactive Technology at SJMA years ago. I know that it will be different, with new processes and a lot of great new people, but hopefully it will still have a lot of similarities. I really look forward to returning and contributing again to a museum that I have missed so much over the years.

P.S. This website just seems to be a place to announce new jobs. I want to make that change. In the coming months you can expect to see a refresh of the design, as well as more activity in sharing ideas and projects. Stay tuned!

Image: Art in America.

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