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Smartphones Serve as Docents… –

Nice write-up in the New York Times about mobile tours in museums which mentions the work that I did at the San Jose Museum of Art.  Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention the creator (moi) or give the URL (even though it is no longer being updated since I work for Toura now).  Good overview though and a lot of people I respect are referenced in it.

Smartphones Serve as Docents in Many Museums –

On pilot projects and other things that don’t work

My good friend Koven wrote up this article about pilot projects within museums and how they mostly relate to technology. I’ve been privileged in the past at the San Jose Museum of Art because we’ve had a lot of freedom with technology and exploring ways of using it for interpretation. I can relate to his article though because of others I’ve come in contact with that share their stories. Worth the read for anyone that implements them or struggles with them.

On pilot projects and other things that don’t work

24 ways: Going Nuts with CSS Transitions

Nice article on how CSS animations (transitions) are going to change how we do things on the web and ultimately crush Flash.

24 ways: Going Nuts with CSS Transitions.

Daring Fireball: The Tablet

John Gruber is a great Apple commentator and I agree with everything he speculates on here regarding the inevitable release of an Apple “Tablet”. Apple doesn’t just create products, they create experiences and that is why the “Tablet” has been anticipated so long.  Apple is waiting for the experience to be refined to the point that it becomes something that we cannot live without.  I believe the “Tablet” will change the way we consume printed media like newspapers and magazines, while offering us other great features in the process.

Daring Fireball: The Tablet.

Introducing Typekit

I’m a little late on reporting this, but I’m really looking forward to more font choices while doing web development.  sIFR is nice, but it can be a little difficult implementing.  Typekit will handle the copyright and licensing concerns that come along with being able to link to different fonts for display in major new browsers.

Introducing Typekit « The Typekit Blog.