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Presentation: AAM 2008

For the American Association of Museums Conference in Denver, I was invited to speak about how our museum over the years has gathered visitor comments electronically.  I gave a historical perspective and talked about analogue methods using paper and worked up to utilizing “web 2.0” technologies.  The panel consisted of myself, Dave Ashiem from Guide by Cell, Peter Samis from SFMoMA, and Marla Shoemaker from the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the session was called Using Technology to Elicit Visitor Feedback.  I was sick at the time of the presentation and was not at the top of my game.  Ironically, while I was researching some facts about this post, I came across the audio from the conference available for purchase from the AAM website.  

Presentation: MUSE Award

In conjunction with the MUSE Award that we won for our 2006 podcast series “Artist of the Week” we were asked to demonstrate our winning “product” at the AAM Marketplace. After visiting it the day before I realized that I was unprepared as far as signage and overall look and feel for my designated table. The morning of my demonstration I whipped out this little presentation about how we created the award winning series entirely in-house. I has my laptop set up to loop the presentation while I demonstrated the podcast on the Video iPods that we checked out at the time.