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iPhone Museum Tour Prototype

I am currently working on a prototype multimedia tour for the San Jose Museum of Art. The tour makes use of the iPhone or iPod Touch and the Safari Mobile Browser that comes standard on it. It is fairly simple to design for because you are simply designing webpages. Because you are designing for one specific browser you are not constrained by the bugs and troubles that other browsers contain.

If you would like to see the iPhone prototype you can see it on an iPhone or an iPod Touch at

Operation is easy. The user is presented with large buttons, each denoting an exhibition. The user selects one of the buttons and is presented another list of button with all the artists in the exhibition. Selecting one of thoses will present the user with additional digital information, i.e. digital images, video, audio, etc.

Here is a video of how the tour operates:

Updated iPhone/iPod Touch Museum tour info:

iPhone Museum Tour Prototype at the San Jose Museum of Art from Chris Alexander on Vimeo.