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iPhone Museum Tour Prototype

I am currently working on a prototype multimedia tour for the San Jose Museum of Art. The tour makes use of the iPhone or iPod Touch and the Safari Mobile Browser that comes standard on it. It is fairly simple to design for because you are simply designing webpages. Because you are designing for one specific browser you are not constrained by the bugs and troubles that other browsers contain.

If you would like to see the iPhone prototype you can see it on an iPhone or an iPod Touch at

Operation is easy. The user is presented with large buttons, each denoting an exhibition. The user selects one of the buttons and is presented another list of button with all the artists in the exhibition. Selecting one of thoses will present the user with additional digital information, i.e. digital images, video, audio, etc.

Here is a video of how the tour operates:

Updated iPhone/iPod Touch Museum tour info:

iPhone Museum Tour Prototype at the San Jose Museum of Art from Chris Alexander on Vimeo.

Camille Rose Garcia Video Series

Camille Rose Garcia, "Antarctic Suburban Outpost " 2006

Camille Rose Garcia, "Antarctic Suburban Outpost " 2006

Challenge: The Camille Rose Garcia: Live from Tragic Kingdom Video Series project had multiple challenges. The first and foremost, being that it was our first venture into video and we only had a budget of $250. Additionally, the videos created were supposed to both provide a tour and act as a promotional material for the exhibition. We felt at the museum that this series would be the perfect match for the YouTube/iPod demographic. By utilizing these platforms we would be able to spread the word on the exhibition with no budget whatsoever. Videos would be posted to our YouTube Channel, be available for download via RSS, and offered to visitors on iPods in the gallery. To make the videos “sing” we wanted to add cutting edge music to the videos while avoiding any copyright issues.

Action: A budget of $250 is not much, but it was enough for two airline tickets to Los Angeles where Camille’s studio was and a rental car for the day. My colleague Lucy Larson and I made the trip in one day leaving at 6:00 in the morning and arriving back in San Jose at 10:00 at night. We were armed with our camcorder, digital camera for still shots, and audio recording equipment. We shot video with Camille in her studio for about 4 to 5 hours. Most of this was in a sit down interview style format, but we also wandered around the studio filming her talking about her process and technique.

Once the video was shot it was brought back and edited in iMovie on my iBook laptop. Images of artwork were inserted into video of the interview to help support the ideas and discussion. During the editing process we scoured the web in search of indie music labels that made their music available free of copyright. We were able to find a lot of music that complimented the artwork and the artist while also appealing to our target demographic. At the end of each video we credited the band and music label and also offered a link to the website. The completed movies were then uploaded to YouTube, uploaded to our web server for the RSS feed and loaded onto iPods in the gallery.

Camille Rose Garcia on Boing Boing

Camille Rose Garcia on Boing Boing

Since we were new to the YouTube community we wanted to build subscribers. To accomplish this we initially offered 10 videos with the promise for more to come. By subscribing to the channel on YouTube or to the RSS feed our viewers were apprised of any additional videos when posted.

Results: The Camille Rose Garcia video project was a success. To date we have had 45,955 views across 15 videos with the most views (12,675) on the promo video. The return on investment for that many views is staggering. Our salaries aside, the cost for each view was .005¢. The videos were embedded on blogs and websites such as Boing Boing, Drawn, and Last Gasp Comics. Looking at our subscriber profiles we were able to accertain that our target demographic had been hit.

Presentation: MUSE Award

In conjunction with the MUSE Award that we won for our 2006 podcast series “Artist of the Week” we were asked to demonstrate our winning “product” at the AAM Marketplace. After visiting it the day before I realized that I was unprepared as far as signage and overall look and feel for my designated table. The morning of my demonstration I whipped out this little presentation about how we created the award winning series entirely in-house. I has my laptop set up to loop the presentation while I demonstrated the podcast on the Video iPods that we checked out at the time.

Presentation: Museums and the Web 2007

The San Jose Museum of Art was fortunate enough to host a group of 25 Museum and the Web attendees, from all over the world, on their field trip down from SF to three South Bay museums. I addressed several key tech initiatives that the museum has been pursuing and at the end my department fielded questions from the group. Unfortunately I did not make an audio recording of the presentation. Lots of great and interesting people attended! Thanks to everyone!

Links from the presentation:

Presentation: SJMA Docents

This is a presentation that I made at the San Jose Museum of Art that discusses all the technology currently in use at the museum with a few future possibilities thrown in for good measure. It was an enjoyable presentation with a lot of great questions. If you download the audio (see below) some of the questions from the audience are a little difficult to hear.

You can download the audio for this presentation in iTunes. Open iTunes and select “Subscribe to Podcast…” from the “Advanced” menu and paste:

into the box. Press OK and the podcast should start downloading.

Links from the presentation: